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New Bags from Vanguard USA

Recently arrived, the new bags from Vanguard incorporate some unique features that many photographers would find find useful while providing a safe place to carry and store your gear.

The VEO ADAPTOR R backpacks do everything you’d expect from a camera bag in a sleek modern design, but also includes a USB interface port to allow you to set it up to charge your camera or smartphone on the go. 

  • Rear access (can be set up for top access)
  • USB-A port to allow gear to be charged on the go (power bank and cables not included)
  • Multiple pockets for cables, SD cards, and more
  • Carries a tripod on the front for optimal balance
  • Ergonomic harness system with waist strap that tucks away when not needed
  • Reflective stitching for extra protection if travelling at night
  • Improved waterproof material, with rain cover for wetter days

These bags are available now in either Black or Gray.

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Long time without a post.

COVID started in concentric circles, distant at first but slowly moving to center of each of our lives. We now all know someone that has, had or died of this terrible disease.

Besides the human toll, we were forced into a form of social hibernation. Work from home, remote work, home delivery, take out, eat in and shop from home.

All this was great for the giants of retail, like Amazon, but small merchants have suffered greatly. We have survived in part because we don’t have a storefront for which we would have to pay rent, we don’t have a payroll because we are a family business but I have seen many of my friends and former customers go out of business.

Let us hope that we can put this pandemic behind us and get back to normal- whatever that is.

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ONA 30% Off Field Tan Canvas Bags & Straps

Now through April 17th, save 30% off the regular price off the ONA Field Tan Canvas Collection.

The always popular Bowery and Prince messenger bags along with the new Sedona professional camera bags as well as the Presidio and Lima camera straps are on sale for a limited time to start off Spring with a special offer.

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Today we launch our newly designed website. While we have only added a few products so far we will be adding more everyday. This is arduous task since we carry thousands of products and the products have numerous configuations, styles and colors.

Hopefully you will find the site pleasing to browse, easy to traverse and simple to complete your purchae.