About Us

Philly Photo Supply was started in April of 2006 after the camera store we were working at was closed and forced into bankruptcy. Realizing that we needed to make a living and that a significant portion of the sales of our previous employer were coming from internet sales we launched Philly Photo Supply from the basement of our home. We are primarily an e-commerce merchant, therefore we do not have a retail location. We still work from our home, but we are willing to arrange for appointments by local customers to inspect, demonstrate and purchase items from our inventory.

Here we are 8 years later and still going strong selling products from all the top accessory manufacturers. Check out our listing for a complete list of companies we represent in our inventory. From the list you will see that we do not sell cameras. There is simply no money to be made trying to compete with the big boxes and large New York stores. We do sell all those things you need after purchasing that camera; cases, tripods, filters, and many many other items.

We try to look for unique and hard to find accessories that will make your photography fun and challenging. We are photographers too and we like gadgets! We try to test out the items we sell so that you can be assured that you are getting quality goods from reputable suppliers.

Our aim is to provide you with exceptional customer service, fast shipping, and competitive prices. We hope you enjoy shopping at our online photo shop.

Marvin, Laurie, Sophie and Morgan