Locked Down & Bored?

Ok, so your locked up with the significant other or spouse and kids and you are bored! If your like me, you got THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS of gear sitting in a camera bag in the closet. Well get off your lazy butt and go get it! Charge the now dead batteries ( you know you haven’t touched the stuff since the holiday’s or your last vacation) and warm  up the creative juices.

I just filed our bird feeders this morning and noticed our regular family of Blue Jays are back in town. Every year they come back in greater numbers so I guess the family is growing. Now Blue Jays are one of the larger birds and their plumage is beautiful. I ran into the house and grabbed my Fuji X with my longest zoom and set up on the deck waiting for my Blue Jays to return for more Sunflower seeds. I had charged the batteries a week or so ago and was ready. Got some wonderful shots of our guys in flight that I will post shortly but as I was sitting waiting them, I got the idea for this post.

How often do we wish we had the time to do almost anything relaxing. Well folks, we got nothing but time to sit out this terrible situation we are all in. Lets focus on the things we can do to bring us back together with those we love and cherish. You can do all this while maintaining social distancing. With the numbers of  casualties they are talking about, we need to get together and make the memories that will last and photography is one of those thinks that locks in a place in time. Create a family portrait, make a collage, do interviews of the kids on video and let the kids interview you about your childhood. Create a family history. Facetime the parents and grandparents to create a family story line.

Not to be pessimistic, but you never know the day your number comes up. Spend the time getting to know each other better. Family, neighbors, children, parents and even to GrubHub guy delivering dinner.

We will get through this. I am the eternal optimist. Lets hope we come out the other end stronger and better than we are today.

Stay strong and healthy all.


Our first post

So today is the 3rd day of the Pennsylvania state Coronavirus (COVID-19) lock down. We have been spending the time working on our website and creating this blog.

I have never had a blog before, thus this is a new adventure for me and hopefully with time and some reading I will get better at this.

During this time locked up, would be a great time to break out our cameras and take pictures of those around that we love and care for. This crisis brings to fore the fragility of life and how we should never take those around us for granted.

So take some time to create some lasting memories and get closer to those around you.

All of you out there, please take care of your selves and each other. We need to hang together.