Our Morgan crossed over

Morgan the Golden Retriever

Morgan fought lymphoma with chemo over a year ago and went into remission. We thought we had beaten this terrible disease and would have our wonderful furry family member for a few more years. Just before Covid touched our shores, we again found lumps in her throat and rushed her back into treatments. The disease was too strong this time and the chemo could not stop the onslaught.
This time the cure was worse than the disease and we stopped treatments. Monday night she had difficulty breathing and we rushed her to emergency care. Nothing could be done. The disease won.
I know lots of people are dying, 1000’s a day. So why care so much about an animal and if you think that, you have never truly had a dog – a dog that gives unconditional love, doesn’t care about your mood, your troubles, your job – just loves you for you.

I never once came home and did not get a welcome like I hadn’t been home in months even though only an hour went by. I never once had her ignore me, insult me or take me for granted.
I will miss my friend.

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